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    3. 英語系


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        該專業為浙江省優勢專業、省重點專業,在2006年教育部高校英語專業本科教學工作評估中獲“優秀”,2010-2018年,在全國英語本科專業中排名在A - A+之間。教師隊伍中擁有全國優秀教師、省功勛教師、省師德標兵、省優秀教師等多項榮譽稱號,有省高校中青年學科帶頭人2人。擁有首批省級教學團隊-——“英語專業綜合閱讀教學團隊”,省級精品課程多門?!?span lang="EN-US" style="margin:0px;">RICH”教改穩步推進,影響深遠。目前本專業教師承擔了國家社科基金項目、省部級社科項目30余項。



        Department of English

        The Department of English offers a 4-year BA program on teacher education. It aims to cultivate eligible English teachers and foreign language talents with solid foundation in language skills, innovative spirit and practical skills.

        The Department of English is now listed as Superior Major and Key Major at provincial level. It was rated “Excellent” in the national Department of English assessment sponsored by the Ministry of Education in 2006, and ranked at the levels of “A~A+” among all English programs nationwide from 2010 to 2018. Faculty members have been granted various honorary titles by the Ministry of Education or the provincial government. “Comprehensive English Reading Teaching Team” was conferred the first provincial-level teaching team of institutions of higher education. Three courses are listed Excellent Courses at Provincial level. The book "English Writing Workbook" is published as the 11th "Five-Year" National Programmed Textbook for English writing. The "RICH" didactics has been playing a positive role in English teachers' education reform and has a far-reaching influence now. More than 30 research projects have been undertaken by the faculty, including those sponsored by National Social Science Fund and Provincial Social Science Fund.

        The Department of English has cultivated a large number of excellent foreign language teachers and scholars in and out of the province, among them are more than fifty Master Teachers and education researchers at teaching and research offices. They play important part in basic foreign language education in Zhejiang Province.